Angel Baby

Over the last few months, I have learned exactly how hard it is to try to do everything the Lord asks of you and not expect him to help you out while doing it.  One of my big struggles with religion I would say is Faith.  I know that there is a creator, that things were planned and created and did not happen just by chance, but I find I have a hard time letting my pride go and actually rely on the Lord for help.  This blog post may sound different from other posts, but this one I am …

HoneyBees – Day 14 – First Hive Inspection

On 5/11/2013 we opened the honey bee hive we have to see what has been going on for the last two weeks since we installed the package.  Below are the pictures we took during the process, Momzoo is the photographer.  Punk #2, future bee keeper, helped and you can see her doing some of the work with the frames.
IMG_4002We picked early in the morning, but after the hive was active to open it.  The idea behind this is to allow some of the hive to go out looking for pollen so that there are not as many bees in …

How far they have come….

Albert S. Herlong, Jr was a US Representative for the 4th district in Florida from 1967-1969.   On Jan 10, 1963 he read to the house by the request of a Mrs. Nordman a list of “Current Communist Goals,”  this list was taken from a book called, “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen.  If you would like to see a complete list, you can find it at:  I am only going to list of few of them here to open discussion. (Congressional Record, Vol. 109 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel

Thousands of BEES!!

Can anyone guess how many bees are in a 3lb package of bees?  The answer is 3-4 Thousand bees.  If you have ever wondered what a package of 3-4 Thousand bees looks like, well, you are in luck.  Below is the photo you have been looking for, as well as how we installed that package into a new hive. Note, you can see the candy plug sitting on top of the package.

Now the question is, how do you get these bees to move into the hive?  Here is what our hive looks like before the bees.  We …


One of the titles that the current media has villainized is that of Prepper.  I think it is funny that current media is trying to make anyone who is preparing for hard times is considered a zealot or a nut job.  But heck, the LDS church has been telling us to be a prepper for a LONG time now (food storage).  There is absolutely nothing WRONG with being prepared for hard times, and having your family in order.  The thing that I think they don’t get is that as the LDS Church also teaches is that everything should be done …

My Political Philosphy


Back in February of 2009, I wrote an Open Letter to Politicians.  In this letter I stated what qualities I think that politicians should have.  I am going to step it up a notch and do a post on my political stance.  Basically this is a post that explains where I stand politically, and some of the reasoning behind it.  Basically if I were to run for any political office, this would be my platform, as well as the platform that I judge all the politicians I vote for.

First, some ground work.  There are a couple core thoughts that …

Septic Tank knowledge.

We recently purchased a new house, with some land.  Momzoo has posted a lot about the changes that we have made to the new house, and some of the challenges we have had to overcome.

The big one that I had to worry about, besides having no propane when we moved in, would be servicing the septic tank.  Momzoo and I both have had no or little experience with a septic tank.  So we did not give it much of a thought we we purchased the house.

We have had some problems with the toilets flushing since we purchased the …

15 Years and counting…

NOTE: This post is not political in nature, and may been seen by some as a little sappy.  This is a heart felt post.  You have been warned.

The best thing that ever happened to me started because a friend of mine (co-worker) was a visiting teacher to a lady who had an open employment opportunity for a Computer Geek at a local Credit Union.   That friend knew that I was about to explode into my career path with a brand new shinny IS&T degree.  One thing lead to another and I found myself working for that Credit Union. This …

Do houses have a soul?


Do houses have souls?  Most people would tell you that the answer to that question is No.  I would have to agree with them, to a point.  I don’t think that houses have souls, but I would say that they have a spirit.

Houses are basically containers.  They contain the people that live in them, the items those people own, and the at times the family and friends they invite over.  Like any container it eventually is changed and either improved or ruined by what it holds.

For example, would you want to put your milk in a gas can …

Why I live in UTAH

Utah!!!   Utah may have it quirks, it may have its problems, and it definitely has its false reputation accusations to deal with.  But there are a lot of reasons why I live and stay in Utah.    Here is a recent list of news items that make me proud to be a member of this state.…

Alta and Snowbird ranked #2 sky resorts to visit in 2013.
Utah tops Forbes 2012 list of The Best States for Business.
Utah is the 3rd best state to retire in.
Utah #5 in the Most Peaceful States.
Utah #1 in income equality in the