Match Rocket – Chadd finally showed us how to do it!

My Bro Chadd (well technically he is a Brother-In-Law, but since I never had a real brother, he is my Bro) finally came to the house to show us how to make the Match rocketed that was referenced on his BLOG. And since I have been somewhat political on my blog lately, I wanted to post the pics of him blowing things up. (I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES ANYONE GETS FROM TRYING THIS AT HOME!!!!!!)

Materials Needed:
1- Long Pin
2- Nail, thicker than the Pin
3- Matches
4- Sissors
5- Lighter
6- Tin foil

Construct the launch pad by folding the infoil, and then sticking the pin through it. When we first did this, the pin went all the way through, so we had to fix it by adding something that is not on the list, but ALL Men should know how to use and have handy.

After the launch pad has been constructed, you then need to cut the red tip off of the matches. This is what you use as your rocket fuel (rumor has it that if you use gun powder instead of the match tips that it will go a longer distance when launched).

The Launch pad should look something like the picture above.

One you have the red parts cut off of a few matches, then you need to build your rocket. This is done by taking another piece of tinfoil that is about a 2-3 inch strip. Put the match tops in one end, and have the nail sticking out from the other end. Then you roll them up together. Once you have a cylander created, you remove the nail from the bottom of the cylinder. Make sure you don’t squees the bottom. You need to leave the opening for the full to exit the rocket.

Then you can put it on the launch pad by inserting the open end of the cylinder onto the pin that is sticking up from the lauch pad. You then heat the rocket with a lighter until the matches go off. Then the rocket will launch off the pad and travel through the air. It was pretty impressive. It went so quick that we could not get a good picture of it taking off.
It was pretty fun to do. The Punk kids really liked it.


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