My Political Stance – What I stand for.

Here is a non-inclusive list of the things that I think are politically important. These are the things that I use to figure out who I am going to vote for.

1- Pro-Life – Anti-Abortion – Anti-Choice
2- Anti-Big Government
3- Anti-Welfare for Life
4- Anti-Socialistic Health Care
5- Anti-Affirmative Action (no longer needed)
6- Anti-Illegal Immigration
7- Pro-Self Sufficient (self and government)
8- Pro-Military
9- Pro-War (I know, I am a war monger)
10- Pro-Electoral College
11- Pro-Big Business
12- Pro-Small Business (government STAY OUT!)
13- Anti-SOX (sarbanes oxley)
14- Pro-Religion (as long as it does not hurt others)
15- Pro-Family
16- Pro-Kids
17- Anti-Redistribution of Wealth (stimulus package)
18- Pro-Arms
19- Anti-Special rights for life choices
20- Anti-Right Wing Nut Jobs and Liberal Wiener


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