Month: April 2008

11th Grade

11th Grade… the year before graduation. Notice I am not wearing glasses anymore. For some reason the doctor said I did not need them anymore. After years of humiliation. Notice the entire white outfit. Everything was linen. And check out the tie bar.…

Saturday Project

When I work on Saturday on a project, I like to blog it so I don’t feel like I wasted the day. My day started at 9:20 when I got up, went to Home Depot, and then started the work. Finished at 10:59 PM after I printed the program for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Here is what I did on Saturday.

We purchased a shed to put the families rabbits in at the end of last winter. This is a 12X10 foot arrow shed. We have started collecting another animal that we are going to use for eggs. So we


This is a picture of me and our family cat Panther. I just had to add this picture. Panther died when I was in High School, but that name would re-enter our lives after my mission. (Just had to post this picture). But this panther does not have any tatoos.…