My Life….

You have heard the saying…. “A picture can tell a thousand words…” Well, over the next couple of weeks I am going to take you on a journey you will not soon forget. I am going to take you on a photography journey of my life. “My life in pictures.” The idea came to me when my partner in crime sent me a link to a blog that had a bunch of pictures. The blog owner had made comments at the bottom of them. I was thinking, hey, it is not fair to make fun of someone else like that. So then I figured that it would be fair, if you post your own photographs and make comments about yourself.

During this journey into my youth, you will laugh, laugh, and then cry. You will not cry because you are sad, but because you are laughing again. Laughing so hard it is bringing tears to your eyes.

During this journey of photography, I will hopefully be able to use photographs to explain why I am like I am. The years of therapy with a Psychologist. The need for heavy depression medication. The reason for long hours learning to program computers. Why I enjoy Sci/Fi and B movies.

Check back daily to see the daily picture. And maybe you will understand why Mike is the way Mike is today. If nothing else, you will get a good daily laugh.

Note: I will be classifying all the posts under photolog, so you will be able to go to one link to see them all. Ain’t I nice?