Saturday Project

When I work on Saturday on a project, I like to blog it so I don’t feel like I wasted the day. My day started at 9:20 when I got up, went to Home Depot, and then started the work. Finished at 10:59 PM after I printed the program for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Here is what I did on Saturday.

We purchased a shed to put the families rabbits in at the end of last winter. This is a 12X10 foot arrow shed. We have started collecting another animal that we are going to use for eggs. So we needed a hutch and a yard for them to live in. They had out grown the small rabbit cage we had them in when they were chicks.
Here is what the inside of the shed looks like now. I added a 18X24 inch window. Put regular window screen, and then wire cloth over it. This increases the ventilation in the shed, and gives us a lot more light. I also cut an 16X16 hole in the bottom of the wall so that the chickens can go out into the yard. The hutch was made with 2X3 lumber, and wire cloth with .25 inch holes. I also purchased two pieces of 4 X 8 foot 1 inch plywood for the flooring (the old floor I made was only .25 inch plywood and was not holding up after the winter.

This is what the yard looks like. It is 6 x 4 feet (you can see the window in the side of the shed). The top is just lattice work, but I used wire cloth for the sides. We then attached another piece of lattice work so that it does not look like a chicken coupe.

When I got down with the stuff I had to do, I went to bed with the smell of these lingering in the house. Aimee made a HUGH pan of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I ate 4 of them before I headed out to the 7:00am stake priesthood meeting I needed to be at. Then I ate two more of them between the church block and more meetings. (And of course Aimee gave me grief because I had six of them and she could not freeze any now for later.)

Even though I may of been a little ornery during the days events, I want Mrs. Kieffer to know that I love her and would swim through an alligator infested river, with west Nile virus mosquitoes, to get her a ice cold lemonade.