Office Prank

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a very serious guy. I love to have fun and play jokes on people. My kids and wife find it annoying as do some of my co-workers. My phylosophy is that if it does not hurt the persons feelings (belittle or makes fun of them), or costs anyone money or significate time, then it is fair game. With that said…..

The other day, I forgot where I parked my car. The lot was full so I had to park in a place where I usually don’t. My boss said, “That is why I park my car in the same place all the time, so I always know were I parked.” I thought about that and come up with an idea. Well, today I parked in his parking place, and after telling several co-workers about it, they all moved their cars to stalls around mine. We basically forced him to park about 5 stalls from where he usually does.

He said nothing…. Just parked next to us. That was the response I suspected, so then we come up with the idea of putting cation tape on all the stalls so he would have to move to a different row all together (Fridays can be pretty empty and boring were I work). But that morphed into the picture above. That is my bosses car, wrapped in cation tape.

I will have to let you know how it goes. He still has not said anything about it. BTW, we put a large piece of the tape in another co-workers garbage can, just to see what gets said.

Fun, Fun, Fun……

SIDE NOTE: Just as a side note. Cars get really hot, and cation tape melts really easily. Don’t do this unless you know for a fact it will not be on the car for to long. Lucky for us, it only melted on the windsheild and it was easily fixed.


  1. you melted caution tape onto your bosses car? Oh honey, we really, really need you to keep this job!

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