Give Blood…. Save a life… Embarrass yourself FOREVER.

Well, I gave blood today. I have not given blood for probably 15 years or so. Well at least not any blood I wanted to give up or had to give up for medical tests.

So I see the announcement that the Blood Van will be here and we can all give blood (BTW, congrats to TGN, we donated 47 units today). So I signed up. BTW, I always get light headed after I give blood, does not matter how much, I always get light headed.

Things were going GREAT…. The blood was flowing from my veins, I had selected the “Hot Green” bandage to wear after it, and I was feeling awesome. Pumping the little rubber ball every 3-5 seconds as told to.

I get done, they pull the needle and then set me up. I sit there for about 30 seconds and then tell the guy I am getting light headed. He then calls in the reinforcements. A lady starts laying cold compresses on my neck and my forehead. I start seeing the tell tell signs. My vision starts to blur, I tell her I am going to pass out. She then starts asking me questions about how many kids I have, if I think she is good looking…. And then everything goes BLACK. And I enter dream land. I remember I dreamed, but can’t remember what it was about.

Anyway, three minutes later I wake up to find myself hearing someone in the distance saying “Mike… Mike….” Then I open my eyes and start responding. My vision, hearing, everything starts to return. But something is just not right. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Then when I start coming around, I realize that my lap is warm, and I am sweating REALLY bad. Well to make a long story short. It was not sweat, and I had to make a trip home. I went to my boss told him what happened, and he sends me home to change my clothes.

Here are now some of the comments my Wife and co-workers are making.

My boss sends me the links to Depends and tells me that I should think about stocking up on them. Then Aimee calls me pee boy and starts reminding me every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. There have even been talks about getting the video from the security camera. Maybe we will have a FUN Video Thursday.

OK, post your comments, make fun of me, and ridicule me. But just remember, there is
someone, somewhere that will need a pint of blood that I donated and was embarrassed for the rest of my life for giving.

BTW, I posted this so that Aimee, and the others would not put their version up until I had told WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.


I just wanted everyone to read what Aimee and Co-Workers have done….

From my Boss (or I should say my Grand-Boss, or Boss of my Boss)

I’m thinking these will work ok for you during the Day:

But at night, you’ll probably want these:

What Aimee has IM’d me over the last little while:

1:00:15 PM hey water boy, did ya make it back to work?
1:02:53 PM as you wish pee boy
1:15:18 PM did you stop at the the potty too, you don’t want to have another accident
2:08:51 PM MIke, really quick, run to the potty so you don’t have another accident
3:03:47 PM
3:03:47 PM


  1. it has nothing to do with blood, it is the needle that gets you.

    He did this when our daughter got stitches.

    I also remember with our first child, when they did the epidural, the nurse kept asking HIM if he was ok. I finally had to tell him it was alright if he left the room…..he hasn't been in the room for an epidural since! LOL!!!

  2. If it makes you feel better, my husband almost passed out when he got up to speak in sacrament meeting once. I won't let him forget about that one.

  3. Thanks for going all the way out there, and airing your "dirty laundry"..he he he! I commend you for giving blood anyway, even when you know you may have a "poor" reaction! The burning question now…will you ever do it again?

  4. Hehe, that is really funny. We are laughing! I do want to know if you will every give blood again? When Momzoo says "he did this when our daughter got stitches" does she mean that you "wet yourself?" Thank you for THE best laugh of the day. I am looking forward to the video!

  5. Well, Big Bro. I can't give blood anymore because the same thing happens to me, even worse. I am not laughing because I have been in that situation more than once or twice. Not just with needles, but when getting blood/sugar checked when pregnant, on the mission, and even flying in an airplane. I wonder if it is hereditary, or if we are just weirdos. Well, at least we can laugh at ourselves when it is all said and done.
    Love you.

  6. Ok, to clear a few things up…

    1st, this is only the SECOND time I have passed out. The first time was the first time I was passing the sacrement as a Deacon.

    2nd, I am not going to EVER give blood again, unless a family member needs it.

    Hey Sis… Glad to see you reading the blog.

  7. What a good sport! I must admit I did laugh, but thanks for laughing with me so I'm not being rude! Great job on donating blood and we'll all understand if you don't do it again.

  8. Huh. Reminds me of the time I pooped my pants right in the middle of English class. Yep, I was in high school. And I wasn't even unconcious. You ARE a little older than I was though…

  9. Don't worry Mike I don't see as less of a human being or anything like that; you're just getting up there is years and sometimes older people lose control of their bodily functions…

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