A resolution to honor, recognize, celebrate the service of Senator Ted Stevens (AK – Republican)

Ted Stevens has been indicted (Full Text)for making false statements about gifts he has received from Alaska business executives (each count is a felony). The gifts came from a company called Veco.He has been in the Senate since December 1968.

Theodore Fulton “Ted” Stevens (b. 1923) is the Senior U.S. Senator from Alaska, a member of the Republican Party. He served in the Senate since 1968. Since January 2003 he is, as the longest serving Republican in this body, President pro tempore of the Senate
Source: Wikimedia

This is the same Senator that is know for saying “The Internet is a series of tubes…” (See my other blog entry for details.)

Veco is a major employer in Alaska, and does services in the following Markets.

Upstream Oil and Gas
Oil Refining
Pipelines and Terminals
Chemical and Petrochemical
Coal/Coke Gasification
Oil Sands
Power Generation
Renewable Energy
Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Carbon Offset Projects
Food and Beverage
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Source: Veco website

(As a side note, this is also the company that was responsible for the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March 24, 1989).

Now, Ted Stevens is on the following committees and subcommittees:

Committee on Appropriations

  • Commerce, Justice, and Science
  • Defense (Ranking Member)
  • Homeland Security
  • Interior and Related Agencies
  • Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
  • Transportation, Treasury, the Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (Vice Chairman)

  • Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Interstate Commerce, Trade, and Tourism
  • Space, Aeronautics, and Related Sciences
  • Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard
  • Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security
  • Consumer Affairs, Insurance, and Automotive Safety

Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

  • Disaster Recovery (Ranking Member)
  • Federal Financial Management, Government Information, and International Security
  • Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia
  • Investigations

Committee on Rules and Administration
Joint Committee on the Library of Congress

AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT SEES A CONFLICT OF INTEREST HERE???? No wonder he did not want to put on the books that he took $250,000.00 worth of gifts from VECO over several years. They actually added a floor to his house, finished its basement, added a wrap around deck, and then furnished part of it for him. They also traded in a car for him and gave him a newer more expensive model.

Statement from Alaska Senator Ted Stevens:

I have proudly served this nation and Alaska for over 50 years. My public service began when I served in World War II. It saddens me to learn that these charges have been brought against me. I have never knowingly submitted a false disclosure form required by law as a U.S. Senator.

In accordance with Senate Republican Conference rules, I have temporarily relinquished my vice-chairmanship and ranking positions until I am absolved of these charges.

The impact of these charges on my family disturbs me greatly.

I am innocent of these charges and intend to prove that.
Source: stevens.senate.gov

Lets see. Oh yeah, I see what being a WWII vet has to do with it… NOT. And no, I don’t feel sorry for your family, they enjoyed the bribes (the new house, the nicer car…).

I don’t think you will be able to prove you are innocent. I think the physical fact that you have a house that they built and you never paid for it is poof enough. But wait… he never said that he did not receive these gifts (bribes), but that he did not know he was filing false forms… Hey, you are on the Committee on Rules and Administration, you should know BETTER!!!!

This is just one of the reasons I think that we should impose term limits on Senators. They get in power and stay in power. I really don’t think that the senate has any connection with “us the little people” anymore. When it is being ran by senators that have been in there for OVER 50 years, it is time for a change. They only let the President of the United States stay in office for 8 years MAX. They should impose the same limitations on themselves.

And remember…. “The Internet is a series of tubes…”, and “I am innocent of these charges and intend to prove that.” Hey, maybe in the mind of Senator Stevens, he is innocent. After all, he actually thinks that the Internet is just plumbing.

Who knows, maybe some day someone will try to pass a Bill or Resolution to honor Senator Stevens. It looks like that is most of the work he has been doing lately….

  • S.CON.RES.57 : A concurrent resolution honoring professional surveyors and recognizing their contributions to society
  • S.CON.RES.64 : A concurrent resolution commending the Alaska Army National Guard for its service to the State of Alaska and the citizens of the United States.
  • S.RES.49 : A resolution recognizing and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the entry of Alaska into the Union as the 49th State.
  • S.RES.132 : A resolution recognizing the Civil Air Patrol for 65 years of service to the United States.
  • S.RES.296 : A resolution designating September 2007 as “National Youth Court Month”.
  • S.RES.380 : A resolution recognizing Hostelling International USA for 75 years of service to intercultural understanding and to youth travel
  • S.RES.419 : A resolution honoring the life and extraordinary contributions of Diane Wolf.
  • S.RES.433 : A resolution honoring the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard whose tireless work, dedication, and selfless service to the United States have led to more than 1 million lives saved over the course of its long and storied 217-year history.
  • S.RES.575 : A resolution expressing the support of the Senate for veteran entrepreneurs.

Source: stevens.senate.gov

Three cheers for Senator Stevens and his 50 years of service……