Aluminium Olympic Metal

Why Aluminium?? It may not be a precious metal but it is a very useful and a recyclable metal. Just think, what have you used today that contained the element Aluminium? I bet that just were you are sitting, you can see something that has Aluminium in it. It is very easy to find, use, and refine. It is the perfect metal for an Olympic Medal. It is also remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion.

Who gets Aluminium?? I propose that we change the Olympics so that everyone that makes it to a final round that does not win either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze gets an Aluminium medal.

Why the Change?? In a growing society where No one can be left behind, it is only fair that EVERYONE gets a medal. We want to make sure we are politically correct, don’t leave anyone behind, and don’t hurt anyones feelings. And heck, I thought that Change was good. “Change We Can Believe In”, “Stand For Change”. Who cares about righteous tradition, or moral values. As long as it changes then we need it and should embrace and stand for it. Three cheers for change….

HEY, YOU MISSPELLED IT… No I did not. In the US we use Aluminum, but most of the other countries in the would use Aluminium (see: Wikipedia). And since the rest of the World sees the US as Tarnished (ABC News), we should use their spelling, and hope that it helps increase our appeal to the rest of the world. And heck, we are embracing change. So lets start using Aluminium instead of Aluminum. We may even want to start using colour and catalogue as well.

Afterall, change for the sake of change is our goal.

My name is Mike Kieffer and I approved this ad…..