Lines… Lines… Lines….

Today I was driving and was passed by a HUGH double trailer dump truck. And it crossed my mind that the only think that was protecting me from it was a line on the road. That truck moving at 50 MPH in the opposite direction was only stopped from running head long into my car by a line on the road.

Then I started to think about other lines we have in our lives that protect us. Imaginary lines are used everywhere. We use them to define our property, counties, states and countries. They also define what time it currently is. There are lots of lines that control and define our lives, most of them are imaginary or not physical lines. We hear terms like, “You have crossed the line.”, “A line has been drawn in the sand.”, “Don’t cross this line.” And the list goes on. I am sure you can think of some saying that uses an imaginary line.

It then started me thinking. Like the line on the road, we have lines imaginary lines that are there to protect us. Both socially and morally. What lines have you crossed or gone over. I think we all need to look at ourselves and find the lines that we have crossed and step back onto the safe side of the line.

This world would be a better place if everyone stayed on the good side of the imaginary lines. It would be cool if it got crowded on one side of the line only.

As always, your comments are welcome.