Well, my family now has a new addiction. I recently purchased the game SPORE by EA games, and we have done nothing but play this game in the evenings since I brought it home. It is a fun game where you start out with a small bug in water, and then evolve to space flight. During the time you are controlling the DNA and evolution of the creature. It is really fun. Our 8 and 9 year olds also love it.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes SIMs 2 or any game like it. You have control of the look of the buildings, vehicles, etc. It is a really fun game.

But don’t buy it unless you want to spend a lot of time playing it.

If you just want to crate the creatures, you can do it with the FREE creature creator.

On side note, the program comes with copyright protection that only allows you to install the game on 5 different PCs, so if you are the type of person that updates hardware/OS on computers, you may be purchasing the game a second time.