Big 40….

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I am so excited. I will be the big 38. That makes me only 2 years from the big 40. And you may be asking yourself, why is he so excited to make it to the big 40.

Some background. I am a 38 year old (well almost) heterosexual, non-handicapped white male of European decent. I have never been considered a protected class in my life. I have never had the advantage of loans, grants, special programs from the government. I can be fired at any time because I am white, under 40 years old, and of European decent. I had to work my way through school because I did not have access to any of the minority funds or grants (there is no such thing as the united Caucasian fund). My parents have always been middle income so we have never been given government assistance because of income, we have always worked to stay above the governments version of the poverty line.

So I am so exited to be closer to 40. FINALLY, I will be a protected class. No one will be able to discriminate against me because of my AGE. For once, I will be part of affirmative action, not just discriminated against because of it.

Three cheers for being closer to 40…. 38, 39, 40…. Only two more years to go.