What I have learned from Police Reality TV Shows…

“Bad Boys… Bad Boys… Whatcha gonna do when they come for you…” There are a few things I have learned while watching the great Police Reality TV Shows (COPS, Wildest Police Chases, Speeders…). They are not in any type of order.

1- White trailer trash will say, do or sign anything for the chance to be on any of these shows. Ever wonder why cops is never filmed in rich areas? Because some people don’t care how much money you will give them, they won’t sign the form.
2- The harder you make the cop run, the harder your are going to hit the ground when they catch you.
3- You can out run a cop, but you can’t out run the radio, helicopter, or other police cars rushing to the area.
4- Cops like to mark their territory. Next time you watch the show, when they pull someone over, notice where they leave their finger prints. Most of the time the officer will leave a thumb or palm print on the driver side trunk or the back of the vehicle. So always wash your car after you survive a high speed chase.
5- If you are a retired sheriff, you are an expert in high speed chases and finding the bad guy. Paul Stojanovich and Joe Walsh are perfect examples.
6- News helicopter reporters have a nack for stating the obvious. Sometimes I think you would enjoy the high speed chase coverage better if the TV was muted. “Man he is going fast…” “This can’t be good…” They are the John Madden of reality TV. “You know, if that police car there does get a hold of the guy in the car, then we are going to see a tackle….”
7- Being drunk does not make you smarter, faster, or a good debater. If you are drunk, just give up, or you will see how stupid stupid can get.
8- People are just dumb. They actually think the officer is going to believe them after a high speed chase. “I was scared… I thought you were going to hurt me…”


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