Case and Point…

Today I was with a computer hardware vendor. You know the dog and pony show where they show you what new computer servers are coming out over the next year so you can plan to buy their product. Because I am under a verbal non-disclosure agreement, I will not tell you what vendor it was.

I was introduced to a website by them it is basically an organization that is trying to reduce the amount of power used by computers by 50% by the end of 2010. Sounds good, I agree, we could save a lot of energy and help the climate if we did reduce power by 2010.

Here in lies the problem. This vendor has gone “gung ho” on this program and by the end of the year all of their major server lines will be “Climate Savers” approved. While their competition only has several of their servers approved. Glad to see they have taken to protecting the environment so well.

But here is the catch. They are also trying to get the federal government to mandate that ALL servers meet the “Climate Savers” guidelines, thus intentionally giving them a government mandated approval. What is wrong with things you may ask? Lets see, we are going to use the federal government to interfere with capitalism so that we can get the advantage. Whatever happened to marketing. Let people know about your servers and how friendly they are to the environment, don’t make the federal government force a standard, just so you can get he upper hand on the market. This mandate would require an over-site committee and would also force companies and vendors to regulate it and comply with it.

Lets have a little faith and let people do what is right just because it is right, not because they will get fined or loose their business if they aren’t. Don’t get me wrong. Government should help protect its citizens, but should not be in the business of making policy to give economic or business advantages to individuals or businesses.

Whats next? Next they will be taking my taxes and giving them back as refunds to people who don”t pay taxes. I wish the federal government would get its nose out of my business.


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