Month: November 2008

Thanksgiving – CHICKEN?

We have Chickens (and yes, it is against the codes and regulations where we live). We raise them for their eggs (for more info, go see momzoo’s blog, she has posted several times about our chickens). We recently got 5 new chickens. But two of them started crowing the last few days, at around 4:30 am. Since we aren’t suppose to have them, they become a liability, so they need to be slaughtered. So what better time to kill chickens than early Thanksgiving morning. So, there were two of them I needed to harvest.

Off with their heads…..

Here they …

What white ribbon…..

Men are being encouraged to wear a white ribbon by the United Nations. The UN has marked today as the official day to mark the campaign to eliminate violence against women. So every man is suppose to wear a white ribbon to signify and speak out about violent or abusive behavior to-wards women. [Source: Men urged to wear white ribbon against violence]

What is wrong with this? The fact that men are being seen as the main and only aggressors in domestic violence. Lets look at the facts. It should be women that need to wear the ribbons, instead …


First off, I don’t want anyone to think that I have all the answers or that I think that I know everything there is to know about prayer or that I am an expert at it. The reason I do my religious posts is to learn, and to re-commit myself to the basic principles that I blog about.

And right now, I feel like I need to work on prayer, so this post is for me more than anyone else. But I hope that it helps someone as well as helping myself.

First I want to discuss the importance of …

The letter that started it all…

Here is the letter that was sent from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that started the attack on the Church as well as helped the passage of Proposition 8 in California.

Preserving Traditional Marriage and Strengthening Families

In March 2000 California voters overwhelmingly approved a state law providing that “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” The California Supreme Court recently reversed this vote of the people. On November 4, 2 008, Californians will vote on a proposed amendment to the California state constitution that will now restore the March

Gay and Lesbians protest in SLC over Prop 8

With the passage of Proposition 8 in California, the LDS Church has come under some heavy fire from the Gay and Lesbian community. They have stages several protests in front of several LDS temples (Los Angeles and Salt Lake City). A lot of hateful words have been spoken about the LDS Church and the members that supported Prop 8. They have even threatened to have the government remove the Tax Exempt status of the church. Something they have long said that the legalization of Gay Marriage would not do. So why now are they threatening to do so?

While pondering …

How it should be done….

The company I work for has a Christmas Party (they call it a Holiday party) every year. And during that party they give every employee a $15-20 dollar gift. This year they polled me and my fellow workers with the option to take that money, and to give it to the local food bank and other charities instead of purchasing the gift.

The polls are closed, and it was decided that the money should not be spent on gifts, but should be donated to people who need it this Christmas Season.

That is how it should work. It should come …