What white ribbon…..

Men are being encouraged to wear a white ribbon by the United Nations. The UN has marked today as the official day to mark the campaign to eliminate violence against women. So every man is suppose to wear a white ribbon to signify and speak out about violent or abusive behavior to-wards women. [Source: Men urged to wear white ribbon against violence]

What is wrong with this? The fact that men are being seen as the main and only aggressors in domestic violence. Lets look at the facts. It should be women that need to wear the ribbons, instead of men.

If you look at the statistics for 2001-2006, you will see a trend that does not point to the men being the aggressor.

For attacks where the Mother was Involved but not the Father of the child. 70.6% of them were preformed by the Mothers. And if you look at deaths of children, 70.8% of them were by their Mothers and not the Fathers. [Source: Breaking the Science]

Lets top with the stereotypes. Just because you are male, does not mean you need to outwardly show your support for stopping domestic violence. It is not the male population, but the female population that should be wearing the white ribbons. BLOG like “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” just perpetuate the myth. We need to focus on Violence against all sexes, not just violence against women.


  1. I agree. I think that Men as a gender are getting a bad rap. And while there are those out there who are violent against women not ALL men are and to lump ALL men into that catagory I think is sexism.

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    I tried to leave a comment on your dadzoos post about the white ribbon campaign. I just wanted to let him know there is a bigger picture he is overlooking. Women in other countries are not treated like they are hear and so they are the thought of as lesser and are abused and much worse. That I am sure is what the campaign is about more than anything. Although I agree we should all wear a ribbon to signify our intolerance for domestic violence of any type, it is not the same in other countries. To say that men are the only ones doing it is not fair either but I really don't think that is what the ribbon signifies. Just another perspective.

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