Thanksgiving – CHICKEN?

We have Chickens (and yes, it is against the codes and regulations where we live). We raise them for their eggs (for more info, go see momzoo’s blog, she has posted several times about our chickens). We recently got 5 new chickens. But two of them started crowing the last few days, at around 4:30 am. Since we aren’t suppose to have them, they become a liability, so they need to be slaughtered. So what better time to kill chickens than early Thanksgiving morning. So, there were two of them I needed to harvest.

Off with their heads…..

Here they are sitting one the lawn after I pulled a Marie Antoinette on them and cut off their heads. They they sit… And the kids started to move in to see them, some of the even went up and touched them. Until one of them jumped up and tried to fly away. (I can honestly saythat the saying “running around like a chicken with its head chopped off”, is a true.) All our kids started yelling and crying, except for punk #3 who started laughing.

I then grabbed them by their feet and went to the back porch to skin, and gut them.

After making a few cuts, the skin and feathers pull off nicely.

Then the cleaning is a snap. I used the ax to cut the ends of the wings and the lower part of their legs off.

During the who process, the kids sat down and watch me. Commenting on all the different organs I was pulling out of the bird. (Notice the first bird sitting in a pile on the porch). I get a kick out of Punk Kid #4’s face.

This is the finished product. They now just need to be washed and put in the freezer for another day. Who wants to eat chicken on Thanksgiving when you have turkey to eat?

After getting done and looking at the pictures. I noticed this one. The whole time I was mooning my family. Each of the kids wanted to tell me that my bum was hanging out, but Momzoo told them that it would probably be a good idea not to mention it to Dadzoo at that time.
I just can’t wait until we can move to a real plot of land were we can have roosters and not worry about the neighbors calling animal control on us. Until then, if you crow like a rooster, you can expect to have a date with the ax.


  1. "Let them eat cake!"-Marie Antionette. These birds meant no harm, but were completely oblivious of the suffering of the masses. What I'm saying is they were trying to crow beautifully, but instead were a problem. Just like Marie! Good comparison.

  2. Dadzoo-Have you ever read "Chicken's in the Headlights"? You and Momzoo would totally get a kick out of it. The family raises Chickens one summer and it is hilarious. Especially the part about the "chicken gravy." (You know, the stuff the chickens leave for you to clean up? LOL!)

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