The death of Direct TV…

Well, we did it. Momzoo and I have been toying with the idea for a while now. Because of the crap that is being shown on T.V. now days (including commercials), and the fact we can’t see spending $60.00 a month for T.V., we have canceled our Direct TV account.

Enter NetFlix. So we have signed up for NetFlix to help with our withdraw from mindless nightly entertainment. The main reason we went with them is because you can get documentaries as well.

I will keep you posted. The problem will be punk kid #4 (or 4 of 5). She is going to miss firefighter Sam, and her morning cartoons.


  1. Wow you guys are brave! We talk about it from time to time too…but we've been stuck in a contract…that ends SOON! Feb I think? We'll have to see if you guys can survive, and maybe that will egg us on…

  2. Cool!! We've been TV free for 3-1/2 years now. It was hard at first but it's SO worth it. I get more work done around the house, the kids read more. I'm proud of ya!

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