Intellectual Design vs Evolution (Darwinism)

Intellectual Design vs Evolution (Darwinism)

First, lets define the terms.

Intellectual Design: The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

Evolution: In biology, evolution is change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms from one generation to the next. These changes are caused by a combination of three main processes: variation, reproduction, and selection.

Basically, ID says that the life did not start by chance, but was designed by some intelligence. While evolution says that life started by chance and there was no design involved.

So, since both theories cannot be proven why does the scientific community fight ID so hard? Why do they shun anyone that tries to prove ID and disprove evolution.

There are several parts of evolution that can be proven, but not the origin of life. Natural selection (the process by which favorable heritable traits become more common in successive generations of a population of reproducing organisms, and unfavorable heritable traits become less common, due to differential reproduction of genotypes) does happen in nature. The problem is that Humans are not largely influenced by natural selection. As a species, we have developed the ability to remove natural selection from the equation. We allow the weak the feeble to exist, and have found ways to keep unfavorable traits alive and non lethal.

An example would be of my knee injury. If natural selection and survival of the fittest were a factor in my existence, when I lost the use of both of my legs, I would of lost my life. If I was a species besides Human, I would of either died from exposure to the elements, been left behind by my pack or group, or eaten by a predator. But because I am a human that did not happen. I was able to adapt and with help return to almost normal functioning. Think of the people you know, and how many of them would of fallen to natural selection if Humans did not have the ability to adapt.

But what happens when the idea of an intelligence influencing evolution and the creation of life is removed from the Schools and shunned by the scientific community? It is devastating to the society in which it happens.

Let me explain. Evolution pushes the idea of no God. Life started by chance, and there is no supreme intelligence that helped design life. If there is no God or supreme intelligence, then there is no after life. We are born, we live, and then we die. That is it, nothing after this life. If there is no after life, and this life is all we have, then I am not driven by morals, but driven by physical need and desires. If the law is the only moral type of compass I have, then anything I want to do is fine, as long as the law does not punish me.

See where I am going with this one? If ID was not part of the beginning of life, then all we have for a moral compass is our own physical needs and desires.

Think about that. What happens if everyone in a society believes that? Then society turns to only being driven by personal needs and wants. Imagine the rush hour traffic if all morals go out the window and the only thing people are driven by is the fear of being caught breaking a law, and being punished. The laws are already in place, and how many people do you see breaking them? Take the normal drive home. How many laws do you see broken because people believe they can get away with it?

Now lets take it one more step, and bring Natural Selection back into it. What happens when we as Humans decide that we should stop our ability to control Natural Selection, and let it takes its course, because Evolution is the only answer.

This has already started to happen. Think about it. We can test babies in the womb and abort them if they are not what we want to have. In essence we are self imposing Natural Selection. If the test is positive, and it is going to cause us physical burden to have the baby, then we just abort it. And this is even easier if you believe that there is no after-life, and if the law says it is OK, then it is OK.

Another example, is that of Eugenics ( which is basically the belief that we can improve human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. In other words, you impose Natural Selection on the population in hopes that you can improve future generations. Sound familiar? The Nazi Holocaust was an attempt to try and create the supreme race. As a side note, the modern term was formulated by Sir Francis Galton in 1883. Guess who’s works and writings he used for his work? His cousin Charles Darwin, the father of Evolution or Darwinism.

If the only thing taught is Evolution, and that there is no supreme intelligence, then we are only governed by physical needs and desires. Then the following are OK, as long as they satisfy physical needs or desires and help Natural Selection.

Abortion is OK.

Eugenics is OK.

Euthanasia is OK.

Genocide is OK.

And the list will go on and on. Why not, there is no after-life, there is no GOD, and the law says it is OK.


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