Board sides with evolution in curriculum debate

Board sides with evolution in curriculum debate

By APRIL CASTRO Associated Press Writer

Basically, the State Board of Education in Texas changed the wording of the curriculum. It use to say that Evolution had to be taught and that both “strengths and weaknesses” need to be discussed.

The article continues to go on and say:

“It’s outrageous that our highest elected education officials voted to silence teachers and students in science class,” said Jonathan Saenz, a lobbyist for the Free Market Foundation. “Despite being overwhelmed bye-mails and phone calls to keep strengths and weaknesses, the divided State Board of Education ignored constituents and sided with a small group of activists.”

Once again, we see that elected officials think that they know better than we do when it comes to what we want. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I am really tired of hearing how the populous wants one thing, but we are going to do something else. Like the bail out package, the majority of the population said no. Senator Bennett R-Utah even went as far to say that he knows that the people he represents are against it, but that he thinks he knows better than they do. But now that it has passed, and they are asking for more money, he thinks it is a bad idea.

Lets chalk another one up to special interest groups and the minority forcing their agenda on the majority.

Do you ever think that pompus ass elected officials will EVER listen to what the majority of the people want? And why do you think we keep electing people that WON’T listen to us as a group of individuals? I am sick of it. I hope they realize what they are doing and that they WILL be held accountable for their actions.