Open Letter to Politicians

Open Letter to Politicians

This is my open letter to all Politicians. Including the current, to be elected, and thinking about running.

We want someone with MORAL FIBER. And by fiber I am talking about someone who will stand up for what they believe. Someone who will not bend their moral convictions because of money, special interest groups.

We want someone who is HONEST. We don’t want someone in office that forgets to pay their share of taxes, remember that paying taxes is patriotic. Has others build their home for them in return for scratching their back with a bill.

We want someone that VALUES FAMILY. We don’t want someone in office that likes little boys or prostitutes. We want someone that is faithful to their wife/husband and family.

We want someone who BELIEVES IN GOD. We want someone that remembers that the constitution was based and founded because of a strong belief in GOD and the right to practice religion. We want someone that believes in freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

We want someone that BELIEVES IN LIFE. We want someone that believes that the life of an unborn child is more important than a tree, fuzzy animal, or enemy of the US.

We want someone who is PATRIOTIC. We want someone that loves the constitution, will recite the pledge of allegiance, put their hand over their heart for the flag, and feels stirred when they hear the star spangled banner.

We want someone who REMEMBERS THE PEOPLE they serve. We want someone what remembers that they are suppose to represent us, instead of the special interest groups. Someone that remembers they server the people, not money and the lobbyists.

We want someone who is RACE TRANSPARENT. We want someone that sees all races as equals. Someone that does not look at someone and see the color of their skin.

We want someone who sees their office as a PRIVILEGE. Someone who remembers that serving is a privilege, given by the people. Not some thing that is owed to them by the people.

If you agree with this, please leave a comment, and share this post with your friends. Lets see how many people we can get to comment on this one. Is there really any hope? Do people still see the government as a tool for the people, or as something that restricts, and eliminates our freedoms?


  1. All I can say is Amen. What a great post. You have said some of the same things I have been thinking as of late. Thanks again.

  2. I couldn't agree more! I just don't have any idea where we can find a politician with all these traits! Maybe you should run…?

  3. Amen Mike.

    I don't think you are being presumptuous at all. We should be able to expect our law makers, the people who represent us, to uphold and live by the HIGHEST standards. From what I have seen there are a good many crooks (ahem…forgetting to pay taxes! HELLO) holding office.

  4. I agree with the general sentiments expressed, but I do have some quibbles:

    Why does a belief in freedom of (not from) religion require the elected individual to be religious him or herself? I don't see how they're mutually exclusive.

    Also, in what way is an unborn life more important than a living, breathing person with family and loved ones who happens to have a vastly different culture and politics? I'm not arguing that the unborn life (who, you never know, may grow up to be a horrific criminal — or not) is less important — but that enemy of the US is a child of God, too. So I don't really get that.

    But yeah. It would always be nice to see politicians (and corporate executives after recent news stories, SHEESH) with a little more integrity than we're used to.

  5. "You have to have some believe in a GOD to put others above yourself."

    I completely disagree with that. Do you personally know any non-religious people?

  6. RCH: "I completely disagree with that. Do you personally know any non-religious people?"

    Yes, I do. Being non-religious is different then not believing in a GOD. If you don't have a belief in some type of GOD, then you don't believe in an after life, and if you don't believe in an after life, then you are only governed by your physical desires. And if you are only driven by physical desires, then you only think of others when they fullfill one of those physical desires. Unless your decision is going to get you in trouble because of a societies laws.

    But we can disagree, and voice those disagreements. That is what makes the United States such a great nation. Neither of us will be put in prison or killed for voicing our opinions.

    And who knows what opinions are being silenced by not allowing a child to be born….

  7. I think this is a great posting! You soooo remind me of my husband… LOL… I have not seen a single thing on your blog that he wouldn't say himself.

    The quoting the dictionary, I was rolling. He often throws out definitions and tells me I'm misusing words.

    But I think women are allowed to just make up their own definitions… LOL 🙂

  8. Thank you for this post. I've been filled with dread over the election of certain US politicians. I'm not at all sure how socialists got into the White House or for that matter the previous fascists.

  9. RCH, no disrespect taken. And you did not hijack my post. I really enjoy it when people do comment on them. Thanks for your insight.

    And yes, my no GOD statement is harsh. But it did start making people think. And I don't truly know anyone who does not believe in some type of GOD or divine influence. My personal opinion is that someone like that does not really exist. But that can be for another post. 🙂

    Yes, GOD bless the USA. It is a great country, and will continue to be a great country. I just think it can be an even better country with correct leadership.

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