Create new jobs?

So it has been proclaimed that the stimulus package will create jobs. I have seen it as high as 5 million jobs being reported. But that is just a drop in the bucket if you take in account the 500 million jobs a month that Pelosi says the US is losing every month. Considering there are only 300+ million in the US, we will have a 100% unemployment rate within the month.

But that is not the main point of this post. The main point of the post is that the stimulus package is NOT going to create jobs for the people who are losing them. The stimulus package puts money into sectors that the average American is not employed in. How is billions put into research for alternative energy going to create a job for the car dealership sales man? How is billions put into the military going to help the local business owners? How is putting millions into health insurance information technology going to help the person who just lost their manufacturing job?

This package puts money into industries that are not currently effected by high unemployment rates. The package is a waste of tax payers money, and funds projects that should of been funded when they were created. This package is not going to help people not lose their houses, their jobs, or improve the economy.

I just feel sorry for my kids that will now have to pay off 2 trillion in new debt because the current working generation won’t be able to do it. I also feel bad for them because we are going to hand them an economy that is no better than we have with major debt as well.

The Administration knows that this will not help. Obama is now currently looking for an additional $75 Billion to fund a plan to help stop foreclosures. I thought that was one of the goals of the stimulus package.


  1. I made the mistake of talking about this in front of my 12-year-old, and he was depressed and cranky for two weeks because he didn't want to pay back trillions of dollars. Sheesh! Even kids get it!

  2. That is why I support term limits for all public offices, including judges.

    We need to have a fresh group of people in office. We need to have the younger generation have a chance to drive and create their own futures.

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