What a waste…

“GAZA — Three Congressional Democrats, including Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, visited Gaza on Thursday, saying they wanted to see for themselves the destruction caused by the
war with Israel last month and to assess the area’s needs.

They were the first American government officials to visit this Palestinian coastal strip run by Hamas in more than three years and the first American legislators to come since 2000, according to a spokeswoman for the American Consulate in Jerusalem.
[Source: NYtimes.com]

CAN YOU SAY WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!! It is funny to me that Mr. Green John Kerry thinks he has to use fossil fuels and tax payers money to see what destruction is caused by a war. What, can’t the media and news pictures tell you the story.

This is a total waste of tax payers, and “precious natural resources”. I wonder how many secret service, and military personnel had to baby sit them while they were over there. And the thing is… They could not even share the same plane. They had to go on their own separate tours and arrive at different times.

URGGGHHH… It amazes me at how out of touch our congressmen are. Hey, I want to go see the devastation for myself as well. Can the US flip the bill for my tour? This is just an inconvenient truth. I can see their report now… “Yes, the area was devestated in a war. It was terrible, people are suffering. Blah, Blah, Blah… I am going to write a book on it…”

(And yes Kyle, I would be just as upset about this if any of the three were republicans….)


  1. Wow…I get mentioned by name in posts now…I feel special…Is this a perk for providing a voice of reason to the Biohazard?

    Actually, I'm not certain as to why I received the reference…never have really been a Kerry fan…

    Anyway, while you are heated about foreign policy blunders and the flushing of cash down the toilet…why don't you compose a post on Iraq and the enourmous waste of money (and more importantly life) it has been…we could have rebuilt every road, bridge, hospital, and school in the US with the money that war will end up costing…

  2. I would do that if I thought the war in IRAQ was a waste of money. I have talked to a lot of soldiers that actually have been deployed there. And all of them I have talked to say that we are making a positive difference in their lives.

    I find it interesting that on the 18th Obama ordered another 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. I thought he was going to start bringing them home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    My guess is that there is some intelligence that the government has that justifies it. But of course, the media will never report the real reason.

  3. Kyle, I hope you know that Mr Biohazard really does enjoy your different oppion and your comments. He likes the debate.

    I think that debate in general is a good thing, it keeps life real.

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