Presidential Waste of Money

I was reading an article in National Geographic, while waiting to see a doctor about my knee. The article is called “Inside the Presidency”. Full text of the article can be found on
The article talks about the bubble that follows the president as he travels. I just want everyone to understand how much tax payers money was used when the president traveled to push the bailout. This is what has to move around with the president when he travels.
  1. Air Force One – a 747 (747 holds 60495 US Gal of fuel, at $3.90 a gallon, it would cost $235,930.50 to fill the tank, for a 5,300 nautical mile trip)
  2. A second 747 – For the media (they do pay for their seats). Another $235,930.50
  3. 2 US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III, to carry the President’s Limousine and a spare. (c-17 holds 27387 US Gal of fuel, at $3.90 a gallon, it would cost $106,812 per plane, for 2400 nautical miles per fill-up)
  4. Marine One (The Presidential Helicopter, a VH-60N)
  5. They rent 600-800 hotel rooms for each trip (Several floors at each hotel)
  6. Up to 800 people (30 White House Staff, 100+ Secret Service members, 150+ Media representatives).
  7. Local police are at full staff

And that is just the top of the list. Remember that each time the president goes out campaigning for one of his plans, it is costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hey, Obama, instead of flying to Colorado to sign a bill, why not stay home and send me the check for the money saved. I would really like to have my house paid off, and be able to buy a bigger one.


  1. We did the math and figured if they just took the money from the stinking stimuluses (stimuli?) and gave equal shares to each person in America, our family would have recieved over $175,000! You can't tell me that the way they're spending it is doing ME more good. The problem is, I don't want their stinkin' money. If the government would just step back and let people work out their own problems (yes, financial problems too), I really believe the entire world would be better off.

    But hey, if you're going to spend billions on nonsense, I'll take my $175,000 and pay off my house AND have a year's worth of income left over to do with as I see fit. You know, instead of trusting the judgement of Washington bureaucrats who no longer remember what it's like to live in the real world.

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