The knee SAGA continues… Surgery on Thursday.

Well, we have spent so much time and effort on the right knee, that I neglected the left foot. It has been hurting since the accident, but was told by several specialists that it was just a deep tissue bruise and that the x-rays looked good. Well, the pain was getting almost unbearable at times. I could not stand for more than 10-15 minutes, and vibrations also cause a lot of pain. So I went to my primary care and had them look at it again. They took some x-rays, then ordered a CT Scan. And guess what….. They found a Lisfranc fracture. My primary care then sent me to see a foot doctor (Podiatrist). I am going in for surgery on Thursday to get it fixed.

In the x-ray above, red circled area, you can see the damage. Those bones are suppose to be touching like they are with the other toes. At rest (no pressure on foot) mine has a 2mm gap. But when I walk on it, the gap grows to 6mm. Some movement is normal, but not that much movement. They will make an incision above the circled area, and then remove some small bone fragments that were created during the break.

After they get done removing the bone fragments, they will then wire the three biggest toes together. I don’t know for sure were they are going to put the wires, but he showed me on the x-ray about were the red line is. Basically, there are some soft tissues that keep your toes together. They are no longer doing their job in my left foot, so they are going to put a wire in place and pull the toes together. This will limit the spread of the toes during movement. It will also get rid of the pain. Only time will tell.

I then will have to wear a walking cast (metal boot) for 2-4 weeks. I have an appointment with my knee doctor next week, it will be interesting to see what he says when he finds out my foot was actually fractured instead of just bruised. I am not to fond of him, and would never suggest anyone go see him.