Hugo Chavez and Obama

Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President in his address to his nation on Venezuelan STATE television said the following:

“It’s regrettable the crisis that the U.S. is living through. Millions of workers are being left in the street, thousands of companies are closing, in the U.S. there isn’t a single new infrastructure project. Go look for a highway there, the country has gone bust.”

“Now President Obama arrived with some announcements, hopefully, but the capitalist model and its perverse values have failed.”

“I recommend to Obama — they’re criticizing him because they say he’s moving towards socialism — come Obama, ally with us on the path to socialism, it’s the only road.”

“Imagine a socialist revolution in the U.S. Nothing is impossible.”

Why are Americans so blind? If other countries can see that we are moving to wards socialism by the policies of the left and the current Obama administration, why can’t we.

Socialism would end the current freedoms we have in the US. And people are just sitting by and letting the federal government grow, and grow and grow. Soon the feds will own everything in the US. Not only do they now control interest in the majority of the BIG BANKS, but they are now owing the deeds to Private Property. When does it end. I tell you when it ends, when they have control of our Children, the state is the religion, and they have disarmed all citizens.


  1. This is comical, you should write for faux news…an invitation from Hugo Chavez to Obama to join the ranks of socialism being morphed into a recognition that the US is becoming a socialist regime by "other countries" (plural…hmmm).
    I wish I could remember the guy's name but he was one of the socialist candidates for president in the last election. I was watching an interview with him in which he was raking Obama over the coals for being a capitalist….I guess its all a matter of perspective.
    Just out of curiosity (and I really am curious, not trying to be sarcastic here) do you consider Canada, the UK, Sweden, France, Denmark, Germany, etc. to be "socialist" nations?

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