Happy Anniversary… #11

I have recently been listening to Country music… I know, some of my friends just gasped at that statement. But today on the drive into work, I heard a song by Keith Urban titled “You’re My Better Half“. There is a line in it that describes how I feel about Aimee aka Momzoo. The song says “They say behind every man is a good woman. But I think that’s a lie ‘Cause when it comes to you I’d rather have you by my side…. When I’ve given everything I got and I just feel like giving in…. You take my hand. Yeah you pull me close and you hold me tight… ‘Cause when it all comes down, and I’m feeling like I’ll never last. I just lean on you ’cause baby You’re my better half.”

There are times when I am ready to give up. And Aimee is always there to see me through it. I just wanted to tell her Happy Anniversary (March 21st), and let her know that finding and marrying her was the best thing I could of done. She is always there, for me and the kids. Sometimes I wonder how she does it, and who she goes to when she needs someone. Because she is by far a better person than I am.