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Ok, by profession, I am a computer geek. I have been an Exchange admin for years now. Having said this, I monitor several message boards that have to deal with Exchange. And this has to be the funniest request I have ever seen.

Does anyone know if this can be done either through Exchange or with a 3 party tool?

This example would apply to internal users only in an Exchange 2003 environment. All email to outside addresses, or to outside addresses where internal users are copied would not be impacted by this new “rule.”

User A sends and email to user B. User B replies to user A. User A replies back to user B. When user B tries to reply back to user A for a 2nd time on the same email string, a message from the server is displayed informing the user to contact their co-worker directly to discuss further. The email string would be ended by the server and no further forwards/replies on that emails would be able to be sent.

So basically, they want to stop you from replying to an email more than once. I get a big kick out of this. There has been a funny response, and if you want to read it, you can by going to this web resource:

My bet is that this policy would bring the federal government to its knees….. Hey, what about the presidential BlackBerry, would it be exempt from this rule as well?