Unfair Taxes

Ok, here we go. (First off, I don’t agree with the bonuses that AIG employees may be getting on the Tax Payers backs, but this response is WRONG).

There is currently a bill in the House of Representatives that will tax bonus at 90% for anyone employed by a firm that receives federal bailout funds.

WOW, let me say that again. A group of people, because of where they work will have to pay a 90% tax on any bonuses they receive.

What a slippery slope we have started down. We are now going to start taxing special interest groups or special groups of people. Once we start doing this, when will it end. Being the RWNJ I am here are some taxes that I thought they may come up with.

Higher tax on the Majority Race (hey, you are white, so you should pay more)

Higher tax based on Religion (hey, you are LDS, so you don’t pay the other sin taxes)

Higher taxes based on Education (hey, you know more, so you can make more, so we should tax you more)

I know these are extremes, but my experience as been, if you let the government do anything, just a little bit, they will eventually run with it.