CloFu?? PETA shows its stupidity AGAIN.

OK, this one makes me sick. And shows how whacked Peta is. From their BLOG, they brag about having a George Clooney sweat soaked towel. Then they discuss how they can use gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to take his sweat and put it in Tofu and call it CloFu.

“so CloFu could make your taste buds and your heart melt. Of course, what’s even better is that after everyone gets a piece of George and realizes how delicious tofu truly is, diets will be revolutionized.” [Source:]

WHAT???? Tofu tastes bad enough, but it is suppose to enhance its flavor by putting Human Sweat in it? Do they really think this will be a positive for their cause? How out of touch from

the real world are they.

As for me, I will continue to Personally Eat Tasty Animals, and say NO to the Sweat laced Tofu.


  1. Okay, I just read a story on another blog about someone's booger flying onto someone else's hand. I almost puked. Now I think you may have sealed my fate. Way to go.

  2. "Tofu tastes bad enough"…..It absorbs whatever flavor you cook it with…I personally enjoy it in teriyaki stir fry….as for the animals…I think videos like this are important…
    …not to try to convince people to go vege, but to try to help them understand that they need to be aware of meat/dairy sources and partake of those produced in the most humane way possible.

  3. Have you ever noticed that all the words we use for saying something is lame are animal-related? For example, in referring to that video link posted above: bull, full of bologna, hog-wash, etc.

    The fact is, people like peta find the worst case scenarios and film them, then slap them on the internet to scare people. This isn't how things work in most processing places. Ever been to a butcher when they bring in the live pigs? Let's just say it really, REALLY doesn't work that way.

    Even if that was the norm, to me it only makes the case to grow and harvest your own meat. Much more deliciouser anyway.

    So there.

  4. Of course PETA films/shows/take things to the extreme, that is the point….it is how they get peoples attention. The real fact is that the material does exist that such a film could be made and that is a problem, even if it is only one processing plant (which it very much is not). My whole point is that people need to find out where the animal products they are consuming come from so as to avoid becoming a contributor/supporter of the horrors you see in the video.

    By all means grow and harvest your own meat, I am certain it would be good for you…and probably better conditions for the animal than your average feed lot.

    Ummm…"so there???"….did we regress to the 3rd grade?

  5. Point is, PETA folks are loonies.

    And I'd have to say it's more of a first grader thing than a third grader thing. When you live in a house full of small children, you learn to take pleasure in the small things. Like "neener neener" or sticking your tongue out while wiggling your fingers in your ears. It's really delightful. Try it!

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