Recession hits UTAH

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – 3/24/2007

The recession has hit hard in some areas of Utah. One of the biggest indicators is new car sales with accessories and upgrades purchased with the new vehicle. It has been noted that several accessories that most people would view as mandatory are no longer being purchased. Not only are people opting for cloth instead of leather seats but they are also cutting on essential safety equipment as well.

This can be noticed during the morning or evening commutes. The next time you see a BMW, Range Rover, or big SUV pushing its way through traffic. Just remember, that the reason they are not using their turn signal is not because of selfish driving habits. It is a result of the recession. Drivers are no longer paying for the turn signal upgrade, or the seat belt upgrades when buying new cars. On average a user can save $300.00 per vehicle if they opt not ot have these optional accessories installed.

The problem is that there old conservative laws on the books, in most states, making signal and seat belt use mandatory. The drivers are going to find that it was not a cost savings but will actually cost them more in ticket expenses.

I am glad that I purchased an Chevy Classic. Turn signals and seat belts were not an upgrade, but were included in the price of the vehicle. And since these upgrades are available to me, I am going to be sure to use them. It may not be the fastest, coolest, or slickest looking car, but it has turn signals and set belts that work.