I am so tired of the federal government thinking that everyone in this country is STUPID, and that they need to fix all our problems.

How does fixing peoples problems help them grow and become better people? People made STUPID mistakes, and they should have consequences for those mistakes. But the Federal Government wants to take away the consequences and make everyone FEEL GOOD.

What happened to accountability?

If the CEOs are the crooks the media says they are, then they should go to jail, don’t take my money and my un-born grandchildren money to fix it. In the process of trying to fix it, they are throwing the country into a state of hyper-inflation (not yet, but give it a year). You can’t just print trillions of dollars that are only backed by the good faith of the US citizens and expect it to work when the good faith of the US citizens is wavering.

We are making an elite class, and politicians are on the top of the rung right now. I am so tired of reading in the press about politicians that can break laws with no consequence. Try not paying your taxes and see what happens to you. Hey politicians, why not cap your pay, or tax the money you get as bonuses (lobby dollars) at 90%? Better yet, why not limit your term? Both parties are at fault, including the asses and the bloated elephants.

Everyone expects everyone to give up what they have to make everyone else feel good. The constitution of the US is suppose to guarantee the right to the pursuit of happiness. It does not guarantee happiness. Whatever happened to the idea of American Ingenuity and hard work. We are now a society of people who want to sit around and have everyone else solve the problems. We have raised a generation that is a Welfare generation. They want everything, and they want it now, and don’t want to work for it. A quote that I like was said by Benjamin Franklin “We should make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty.” If there is not a reason for them to get out of poverty, then they will always stay there.

Why do you think we are in this problem now? People wanted more house then they could afford. People wanted to pay less for things, so they took out ARM loans, Interest Only loans, and loans were given (by Government sponsored lenders) to people with No Income, No Job, and No Assets (NIJA LOAN). People wanted more items then they could afford, so they maxed out their credit cards. If I hear one more Radio ad saying, “It’s not your fault” I am going to scream. Yes it is your fault. You gambled on a housing market bubble. You signed up for that credit card. You used it to buy things you could not afford. You purchased expensive un-needed cars. It was your fault, now don’t expect the federal government to bail you out.

And now they federal government wants MORE POWER. They want the ability to control not only the banking industry, which I predict will be nationalized under the federal government within the year, they want to be able to go into any financial business and cap the salaries, and take over if they think they need to. It won’t stop there. They will then want to take over any industry that is to valuable to fail (auto industry, tech industry, energy industry, etc).

WHY ARE WE GIVING THEM SO MUCH POWER. I will tell you why, because we are lazy. We don’t think we have what it takes to become a CEO. We think we can’t come up with any good ideas so we have to take what is given us. What a crock of crap. And that is exactly how the federal government and Uncle Bama want you to think. They want you to think that if you make money, you are evil. They want you to think you can’t take care of yourself, and you require government programs to eat, sleep, and survive.

And people think I am crazy to cling to my guns and religion. I cling to my guns so I can keep what is mine (including the food that I am hording). And I cling to my religion because it gives me the faith that this will soon be over, and that I have the potential to do anything I set my mind to, including making millions of dollars and becoming a CTO of a company.

Just remember, there was a war in Heaven. And there were two plans. One plan was to let you learn from your mistakes and grow as individuals. The other plan was to make everyone return to heaven. Who sponsored each plan? And which plan do you think the federal government is trying to follow now?