Gun control will stop Drug Wars in Mexico?

In an article that I recently read, “Sen. Kerry makes push for righter gun control.” It is stated that because assault rifles being used by gangs in Mexico can be traced back to the US, we should ban assault rifles in the US.

First, the US is one of the only countries that tracks guns. What percentage of the guns are actually from other countries. They don’t know that, they only know when they come from the US. And how many of those guns are actually stolen? They don’t know that either. They just know that guns are going to Mexico that are from cities in the US. They say that in a recent raid 60 of the guns came from the US. 60 of how many? And I think that gang members stealing from a gun dealer would tally 60 pretty quickly.

Second, it is not the fact we have assault rifles in the US that is the problem. It is the border that is the issue. If you were to tighten security on the border and not let the gang members go back and forth, then the guns would not be able to find there way into Mexico. Why not stop the problem by not letting them flow into Mexico instead of an all out BAN?

Third, they talk about the amount of violence that is spilling into the US from Mexico. This would not be an issue if we had tighter borders. Lets deploy the national guard to the border (southern and northern), and take off the gloves. Let them actually do what they need to do to secure the boarders. Both problems solved. Guns won’t flow into Mexico, and we won’t have to worry about the gang element making it north of the border.

Forth, does he really think that a ban on assault rifles will stop it? It won’t. The only thing a ban on assault rifles would do is eliminate the ability for law bidding citizens to own them. Criminals don’t worry about laws, and will continue to find was to get assault rifles. We would still be dealing with armed gangs, but take away the citizens ability to defend themselves when the armed gang attacks.
Just my opinion, and as always, it is open for debate, and I encourage people to comment their views as well.