Gun ban… Lets spend the money on other things…

The recent attacks in PA, New York, and the gun problems in Mexico have all brought up the gun ban debate again. I always like to look at numbers. I personally think that money and effort should be put into other programs, etc to help prevent deaths than on gun control.

I will illustrate this point using the death rates of 2005 (this is the most recent mortality rate figures I could find).

Homicides done by discharge of a firearm killed 420,000 citizens in the US. Accidental shootings 30,000. So if you add them all up (all deaths caused by a firearm) totals 450,000 deaths in 2005. Now I am not trying to trivialize these deaths, but I want to make a point. (I am not including suicide in this total).

Why not concentrate more on Transportation safety? During 2005 there were 1,620,000 people that died in transportation accidents. It looks like the car is more likely to kill you than someone with a gun. I think we should put the same legislation on getting a drivers license, that we do on hand gun purchases. Lets not let anyone with mental illness or a felony drive a car.

27,730,000 people died from Heart Disease’s. Lets spend more on research for this problem, or why don’t we just ban the causes of it. Lets ban anything with fat in it.

1,970,000 people died from Pneumonia. I don’t know if you can ban the cause of that, but lets try anyway.

640,000 people died from falling down. I guess we need to ban walking, running, and any thing that could lead to falling down.

790,000 people died from exposure to noxious substances and or poisons. Most of these are already banned, or licensed. So why did so many people die from these causes.

My point is this. For the amount of press that the recent gun violence has caused, it gets a lot more coverage than the things that are really killing Americans. For every one person killed by a gun, 3+ people die in a car accident, 17+ people die of Heart problems, 4+ people die of Pneumonia, 1.4 people die from falling down, and 1.7 people die from poison or noxious substances.

Kind of puts it into prospective. But the one I think makes the biggest impact is that for every 1 person that dies from a gun, 2.4 people commit suicide. Lets ban suicide. Oh, wait it is already against the law.

Why do we need to spend so much time and resources banning guns? This was back in 2005, I can’t imagine what the statistics for 2008 and 2009 will show. Lets not take peoples guns away, but work on fixing the economy and taking away the reasons why people would want to commit suicide.