Science vs. Religion rant

I am so tired of being told that I am small or little minded because I believe in a God. The science only camp would make you believe that I am some nut, crazy, or lunatic because I believe in something that cannot be seen, classified, or shown to exist. Well, I am putting the gauntlet down.

I remember my K-12 schooling years. I was told that there were ONLY three states of matter. You had solid, gas, and liquid. There were no other states matter could be in. It was either in a solid, gas or liquid state. But then it was discovered that there is a forth state that matter can be in. A new state has been discovered in the last 20 years. Matter can now be in the state of a plasma. It amazes me how science at one time could prove and teach that there were only three states of matter, but now there are four. Did the forth magically appear, or was science wrong and had failed all of us who were educated pre plasma?

Here is my challenge to the scientific community.


The scientific community can tell you what building blocks are needed for life. There are lots of papers that tell us what was in the sludge that life hypothetically came from (no one has ever seen this sludge, tested this sludge, or has scientifically proved it existed). But has anyone ever actually created life? No, that is something that science has not been able to do. They can manipulate life that already exists. We can take already living cells and modify them genetically. We can also force living cells to replicate. But we have yet been able to create a living cell from the basic elements and proteins found in cells. Science can only see life come from life that already exists.

Why do you think stem cells research is so hot right now. We can’t create the stem cells. We can only harvest stem cells that are already created and then get them to do what we want them to do. We can then get the stem cells to develop into other types of cells. We are not creating life, we are manipulating it.

A living cell has never been created in a laboratory. For some reason science understands everything they need to know, and has all the ingredients for life, but they can’t create it. They can take already living cells and clone them, but they have to start with at least one living cell.

Take the common seed. It can lay dormant for years, without showing any form of life. Then that seed can be given what it needs to grow, and it generates life after its own kind. Scientists can take the stuff the seed is made of, they can reproduce the elements, but for some reason, they can’t reproduce the magic that creates the life. They can’t create a seed and have it come to life.

How can someone tell me that science proves there is not a God. That I am crazy for believing in magic and mystical non scientific things. But that same person can’t tell me how the basic proteins and basic elements can generate life? Because they are missing one ingredient. They are missing the magic influence of God. And that is something they will never be able to add.

By removing God, they are missing out on the most important and beautiful parts of living. The are removing the magic and mystery of life.

If you break life down to a scientific theory, you loose the real beauty of life. You miss the miracle of the starting of life, the growing of the life, and the outcome of a life lived. If you break it down to just its physical elements, you then have the ability to dispose of it, and eliminate it, because it has not magic or miracle. Once life looses its magic and mystery, it can easily be disposed of or disregarded as important.

So, back to my challenge. CREATE LIFE!

Until you can do that, don’t tell me I am small or closed minded. I believe in the elements, and the same ingredients you do. But I add an additional one to it. I add the influence of God and his ability to actually add life to those ingredients. How does that make me close minded? How does believing in what I can’t see close my mind.

20 years ago, if someone was not thinking there was more than what science says there is, then we would not have plasma screen TVs. Just because you can’t prove it is there, don’t ridicule me because I believe it is there. At one time there was a scientist that thought that plasma must exist, and hey, they were right. One day everyone will say, hey, there is a God, there he is.

My scientific hypothesis is this: Life is created by God, and that God is responsible for all life that starts on Earth. That is my hypothesis, now disprove it by creating life. Take the ingredients of a cell and give it life. Until this hypothesis can be disproved, then it must be true. Isn’t that how science works? You come up with a scientific theory or hypothesis, and then try to either prove it or disprove it. If it can’t be disproved, then by default it must be true.


  1. did you just offer up "magic" as the best explanation for the creation of life and use it as a basis for declaring the existence of a god as fact?

    regardless of what my personal opinion on the subject may be…i think your argument works both ways…one could offer up the hypothesis that god does not exist…can you disprove that…not really. and no, magic doesn't count as proof.

    here is something to think about…or a challenge for the religionist…i would like you to think of an issue or a question that that has a scientific answer or explanation (however adequate or inadequate it may be) for which now the best answer or explanation is a religious one…there are countless examples throughout history of religious beliefs or answers being disproved by science but i have not yet found an example that runs the other direction.

    just food for thought

  2. Fair enough…

    I think I see your point…and it is fine…the only thing I don't really agree with is that a belief in god is requisite for living a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

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