God the artist

I personally don’t think that I could have a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life without a belief in God. And that is not a hypothesis I am not willing to test.

For me personally, if you were to take the magic of God and His wonder out of life, it would be a really boring, repetitive world to live in.

Is a sunset just the light bending around the Earth, or a rainbow just light shinning through rain drops, or a fresh blanket of snow just water crystals? Or is it something that God arranged so it would happen to give us beauty?

That is how I like to look at it. It is the scientific components, but touched by God for our happiness and enjoyment.

Think of art. You basically just have a bunch of random elements (paint, wood, metal, stone). But then someone takes those elements and manipulates them, arranges them, and creates beauty from them. That is how I view the role of God. He takes the elements, and then arranges them so they create beauty and joy. But not just on a small limited scale, but a universal scale.

I also believe that he does the same thing to us personally, if we let him. He will eventually turn us into a thing of beauty that will help others find joy.


  1. I hate to keep being the Debbie downer here, but I can't help it (and just to clarify I am not an atheist)…I just think this issue needs balance…my question regarding "the artist"…who painted the pictures of 9/11, Darfur, the holocaust, crusades, the inquisition or countless other atrocities? Or if we are sticking to "the elements" like rainbows and fresh blankets of snow, then throw some terms like hurricane Katrina, east African drought, tornadoes in the Midwest, earthquakes in China, or Indian Ocean tsunami into Google image and see what pops up…immense suffering…I just think if you are giving credit for the pretty pictures to a higher power, then you need to also assign credit for the ugly ones.

  2. Dear Debbie Downer,

    First, 9/11, Darfur, the holocaust, crusades… Were not the product of Gods work. All of them were the products of Man trying to create what they thought was art. And yes, some of them were also done in the name of religion and God. But that does not mean that all religion is bad.

    Second, art always is a destructive process. Something has to change in order for the art to come to life.

    An artist has to destroy the white canvas in order to create the painting. Many individual colors are also changed and modified in order to create the colors needed for the painting.

    A sculptor has to destroy or change the elements before the finished product is done. Rock has to be chiseled away, metal has to be bent, cut, and re-formed.

    If you really think about it, creating art is not a very pretty process. The old has to be changed and reformed to create the art.

    You can never judge an artist before the final product is done. But we are constantly judging God before he is done with his work. Why do you think that artists usually don't allow people to see the process, they only unveil the finished work? The problem is, that God can't hide the process from us while he is working his mediums. That is because we personally are some of the elements that are being changed and need to be reformed for the final work of art. (The refiners fire, trials, tribulation, etc)

    I am sure that the canvas, the stone, and the metal would of thought the process painful and barbaric. But once they saw the finished product, I am sure they thought the change was well worth the price.

    Debbie Downer, I am sure you will find some fault in this, and we will go around and around. Just don't judge God before he has a chance to finish his work. It is a process that has taken thousands of years, and is not finished yet. We can't see or understand the final product, just like we can't see the priceless work of art the artist sees in a big block of raw stone. We just need to have faith and hope that the artist knows what he is doing, and will eventually create the piece of art he has promised, and do what we can to help him create his masterpiece. Are we hindering the artist or are we helping the artist?

  3. "Art is ALWAYS as destructive process"…"creating art is not a pretty process"…you couldn't be more wrong on this.

    I don't think you can really compare a human life to a chunk of wood or a rock. I don't think your analogy really works.

    I see the point you are trying to make and I do think it would be nice to just be able to "have faith" that the (as you put it) "destructive" process was ultimately going to lead to good, but I really struggle with the idea that god or the artist destroys innocent life (which is a beautiful thing) to create what exactly??? Nobody knows. Some think they know, but I remain unconvinced. We can't comprehend it, right? Seems like the convenient answer. Do you honestly think the families whose children died in a collapsed school during an earthquake or the family that slowly starves to death will "find the change well worth the price" when they see this mysterious "finished product." I think they would rather just live their lives.

    And as far as the "products of man"…I realize that people carried out such evils as genocide, but in many cases the perpetrators suffer from frenzied unbalanced minds…something the "artist" would have had to have created them with…you can't just dismiss a god's responsibility in such things and assign complete blame on people.

    One other thing…"God can't hide the process from us"???…I thought god could do anything.

  4. Kyle you are asking questions that men have been asking for years, quesitons that no one has answers for.

    Some people turn to God for those answers, some people turn away.

    Why does God let terrible things happen to people? I don't know. You said yourself your aren't an atheist, what is your answer?

    For me I just have to believe that there is some greater purpose that we will know of at a later time, that is my faith. Sure it might not help those suffering terrible things right now, but I believe that all those things will come full circle. I honestly believe that those who suffered will be given a reward later.

    Call me simple and stupid, I don't care, but that is what I believe.

  5. Kyle you said "Do you honestly think the families whose children died in a collapsed school during an earthquake or the family that slowly starves to death will "find the change well worth the price" when they see this mysterious "finished product." I think they would rather just live their lives."

    YES I DO… I have the faith and the hope that this Magical Final Product does exist. Or there are a lot of things that go on that really suck and don't have any meaning.

    As for God being able to do everything… The answer is No, he cannot do everything. There are two things I know He can't do.

    1- He cannot lie or break His word, or He would cease to be God.

    2- He cannot deny His Son and the healing power of the Atonement.

    And part of the Atonement is the plan of Salvation. Which includes the ability for us to choose what we do with our life. And because He does not hide everything from us, we can grow through trials and become stronger and better people.

    I will never be able to convince you or anyone of the existence of God. It is the Spirit of the Lord and the Holy Ghost that can do that. But people have to want to hear and feel it. If they close their minds to its existence, then they can easily dismiss it. And I believe that the science community and world are trying to get people to do just that.

    One more comment, then I am done with this subject (for now). You commented "I don't think you can really compare a human life to a chunk of wood or a rock." You are right, that would be to scientific of me. After all, human life according to the science world is just a bunch of proteins collected by chance into a random order.

    My point is that these elements were not created by chance, they were organized by a divine intelligence, and that divine intelligence is still molding, forming, and working his art in the lives of everyone. But the science community/World wants you to believe that they are just elements, and that everything that happens on Earth is by chance or the fault of people.

    If that is the case, then this life has no meaning. It is just a series of chances that we are a part of until we die.

    And I personally don't want to believe that, I would rather believe that there is a "Magical Outcome" after all is said and done.

  6. Ok

    @ Amy: What do I believe?…I am basically an "I don't know" kind of guy. I am extremely skeptical of people that deal in certainties without proof…i'm the kind of person that needs conclusions and also to know how one came to those conclusions. I think your beliefs are fine and I hope you didn't think I was calling anyone simple or stupid…not my intention.

    @ Mike: I think we will just have to stop for now…I don't think either of us can fully express our feelings on the issue successfully in a blog comments section…plus you never know a person's "tone" when they wrote their comment. Next time i'm in Utah we'll have lunch and finish the conversation. Deal?

  7. Kyle, I really respect what you have said. There is nothing wrong with being skepitical (in my opnion anyway) and wanting to know why and wanting proof.

    I didn't think you were calling me simple or stupid, religious people in general tend to get called those things.

    About you and MIke at lunch…whew…I would love to be a fly on that wall! LOL!!

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