Plastic Bag tax…

There is a bill in congress right now called the “Plastic Bag Reduction Act of 2009“. Basically it is a tax that will charge you as a consumer $.05 from 1/1/2010 to 1/1/2015, and then $.25 from then on for every “single-use carryout bag” you use.. So when they ask paper or plastic, make sure you say paper.

The term `single-use carryout bag’ means a carryout bag, including a grocery sack, dry-cleaning bag, take-out food bag, retail bag, membership or wholesaler bag, and service station bag, manufactured or imported for use by a retail seller at a point of sale with a customer.

If you are a retailer that collects the tax, you will get $.01 until 1/1/2015 and then $.05 there after. The money collected and payments will come out of the Trust Fund created for the bill. So, what is the government going to do with the money they collect that is not paid back to the retailer? Oh, that is right. They need the extra 80% to cover the administrative costs for the Fund, the paperwork, and the regulation.

This is awesome. Another tax.

I wonder if Uncle Bama will be required to pay for his bags when he goes shopping? Did they ever consider the industry and companies that actually produce those bags? They will be laying people off, and closing their doors if this bill passes.

When we go shopping for the family, we have at least 20-30 bags of food. I guess we will need to start putting the meat with the veggies. This is yet another example of how a family making less that $250,000 will be paying more taxes.

I personally think that instead of taxing us, they should make it easier to recycle the bags. Look into making that technology work instead of finding yet another GREEN way to pull money out of my pocket.


  1. I was surprised a few months to learn ago that some places (Seattle) already have something like this in effect and other states like California and New York have been tossing around similar ideas. The fact that it could go nationwide for whatever reason doesn't really surprise me now, but I definitely don't agree with it.

    The only stores around Utah County that I know of to have something similar is Ikea who charges .05 a bag and the Sunflower Market that gives you a .10 credit for each reusable bag you bring in.

    I think it's all fine and dandy to try and encourage recycling and such, but a tax on bags is ridiculous.

    But it might make me actually remember to take all of my reusable bags to the store with me 🙂

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