Month: May 2009

Man arrested for growing marijuana with his son’s help

WEST VALLEY CITY — A West Valley City man is busted after police discover he’s growing marijuana with his teenage son. Joseph Feichko, 41, told police he grew marijuana with his son so he would be considered a “cool dad.”

Now police say he’s facing several charges, including child endangerment.

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Judge Sotomayor – Racist, Gun Hater, Constitution Trampler

This Judge Sotomayor scares me…. There are several reasons why, but the main reason is that she thinks that her job is not to just enforce the laws, but to set policy. She also thinks that states don’t have protection of gun ownership under the 2nd amendment, but it only applies to the federal government. And that white males know less than Latino females because of the richness of their lives.

Here is one notable incident.

At a 2001 U.C. Berkeley symposium marking the 40th anniversary of the first Latino named to the federal district court, Sotomayor said that the

Church Response to California Supreme Court Decision on Proposition 8 – LDS Newsroom

The Church issued the following statement following the California Supreme Court Decision on Proposition 8:

Today’s decision by the California Supreme Court is welcome. The issue the court decided was whether California citizens validly exercised their right to amend their own constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The court has overwhelmingly affirmed their action.

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Church Response to California Supreme Court Decision on Proposition 8 – LDS Newsroom…

The Sensitive no-chest Modern Man

As most of you know (because you follow my wifes blog at momzoo), we are home schooling our oldest daughter (Punk #1). In doing so momzoo has been reading A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century. It has given her a lot of insight. There is a home companion to it as well, called A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion. This book has given us additional insight.

Not only has it helped us with home schooling, but it also makes a case for what has happened and why the United States has …

This is the beginning….

We have officially started down the slippery green slope.

“Obama Announces First Nationwide Regulation of Greenhouse Gases” as reported by the Washington Post. It estimates that the cost of cars will increase the cost of manufacturing by $600-$1,300 per car. Of which will be passed on to the consumer.

Makes lots of sense to increase the cost of production on an industry that is already having economic turmoils and problems.

Why to go. How many more jobs are going to be cut or eliminated because of GREEN policies. If we are to go as green as Spain, we will see …

Things as They Really Are – Elder David A. Bednar

My Brother-In-Law (Elder Chadd Johnson – currently on a mission) wrote in one of his letters about a CES fireside (May 3rd 2009) that Elder David A. Bednar talked at. I have listened to it several times since he mentioned it. And I want to talk a few minutes about it. If you want to read the entire talk (which I suggest you do), they have finally posted the transcript on LDS.ORG. I suggest that everyone reads it.

Elder Bednar talks about our bodies and Satan tries to get us to misuse our bodies, by violating the law of chastity, …

Bailout Fallout hits Utah

Here is a list of the Dealerships that are on the block that will be hit by the Chrysler Bankruptcy. Chrysler has asked the US Bankruptcy court to reject dealer agreements for 789 dealers, including these 10 in Utah. Remember, the federal government gave these guys money to avoid this. They just posponed it for several months.

Barber Bros Motors Co INC – Spanish Fork, UT
Cutrubus Motors INC – Ogden, UT
Davis Motors INC – Tremonton, UT
Layton Dodge Incorporated – Layton, UT
Lunt Motor Company – Cedar City, UT
Painter Sales and Leasing – Nephi, UT
Painter Sun …

Marriage Under Attack

A recent study by the US Center for Desease Control has found that nearly 4 in 10 US births were to unmarried women in 2007.

Studies Key Findings:

Childbearing by unmarried women has resumed a steep climb since 2002. Births to unmarried women totaled 1,714,643 in 2007, 26% more than in 2002. Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. births were to unmarried women in 2007. Birth rates have risen considerably for unmarried women in their twenties and over, while declining or changing little for unmarried teenagers. Nonmarital birth rates are highest for Hispanic women followed by black women. Rates for non-Hispanic…

Gun Ownership Reduces Crime

A recent commentary by Ronald G. Manoni on points out some good facts. Please read his article for the full details.
Less that 1% of crimes using guns are obtained at gun shows, while 39.2% are purchased from illegal street dealers. There is no connection with the effectiveness of firearms laws and violent gun crimes. Guns are used 65 times more often to prevent a crime than commit one.

“While gun ownership has soared, violent crim has dropped… private ownership of guns reduces crime.”