Germany to ban paint ball guns?

Germany after a 17-year-old high-school graduate gunned down 15 people and himself are now proposing stronger gun laws. Using a gun that was legally licensed, but illegally stored that he stole from his father. Germany is looking to making it so that all gun storage use biometric controls. This still would of not stopped the shooting. They already require all guns to be stored in guns safes, etc. This gun was not stored correctly and was already in violation of law. Requiring biometrics on gun storage boxes would not of stopped this shooting.

But they are now also planning on banning, “simulated combat games, including laser tag and paint ball, in which players use infrared sensors or compressed air guns and paint pellets to eliminate each other from play.” The fine for playing such a game would be $6,700.

This is an example of government feeling they need to look good by trying to be pro-active. The new gun laws, if they would of been active, would of done nothing to prevent this incident. Once again, it is not the gun itself that killed the people, it was the 17 year old who used the gun that killed the people.

Instead of blaming the gun, lets find out what made the kid kill his classmates and himself. I think his local community failed him, and more gun control is not the answer.

You can read the full Associate Press article here.


  1. Although, if you were playing paintball or airsoft or whatever, maybe you could avoid the fine by adjusting your rules of play to say that nobody is eliminated when shot…

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