Benjamin Franklin – Silence Dogood No. 6

Ben starts out in his 6th Silence Dogood letter saying, “Pride. It is acknowledg’d by all to be a Vice the most hateful to God and Man. Even those who nourish it in themselves, hate to see it in others. The proud Man aspires after Nothing less than an unlimited Superiority over his Fellow-Creatures.” The full text of the letter can be found on

He talks about pride and how evil it is and what problems is causes. But he also talks about how Pride of Apparel has this effect, “By striving to appear rich they become really poor, and deprive themselves of that Pity and Charity which is due to the humble poor Man, who is made so more immediately by Providence.”

But then he starts talking about hoop-petticoats. Which is the real reason for the letter. In conclusion he writes that they should “consider, Whether they, who pay no Rates or Taxes, ought to take up more Room in the King’s High-Way, than the Men, who yearly contribute to the Support of the Government.”

I think he was just ticked off that he got stuck behind some women while walking down the street and could not get around them because of their hoop-petticoats. That is just my opinion, but his warning on Pride should also be taken to heart.