Plinking – Ruger 10 22 – Death of a Hard Drive

Today was the fist time I was able to take my Ruger 10 22 out for a little fun. We also took a pink cricket out as well, but I forgot the gun lock for the cricket, so the girls were unable to shot it.

This is what a .22 can do to a hard drive. A couple of these shots were done by my 9 year old daughter (Punk #2). I thought that maybe the .22 would not be able to penetrate the steel, but as you can see it made the drives unusable. (This is the first of a series of posts, I will do in the future called “Death of a Hard Drive”

This is Punk #3 shooting the Ruger 10 22. She had a hard time lifting it by herself for more than a few shots, so I helped her some.

This is a picture of me helping Punk #3 (our 7 year old) shoot the Ruger 10 22.

This is Punk #2 (my nine year old daughter) shooting the Ruger 10 22. She is actually a pretty good hit, and from watching me was able to handle the gun well. She really enjoyed shooting. Notice the pink cricket in the gun case.

And of course, we picked up all of our spent shells, and a bunch of other ones we found laying around. We like to leave our shooting area clean after we leave it.

We go shooting just behind our house a ways. Keep coming back to the blog to see other ways we are going to Kill Hard Drives. I have a whole pile of them that are waiting for destruction. I am hoping to see what a larger caliber will do.