Summer Invasion…. Spiders, Praying Mantis, Oh My….

This summer, like last summer, you have to be really careful when you leave our house. We don’t spray for spiders, because it also kills the good insects. We have had a lot of lady bugs, and other good insects in your yard as well. But you also have to take care, because you find some that people find a little less friendly.

Along with the invasion of the spiders, we have had a lot of long legged friends as well. We have found hundreds of praying mantis in our yard as well. How many can you find in the picture below. NOTE: this picture was not doctored. They all were there when it was taken, and you can thank PUNK #2 for the picture.

Here is a close up of one of the big ones. I now have several of my insect terrariums now housing a few of these guys. They are fun to watch, and I need something to eat my roaches since I am now down to one scorpion.


  1. The 9th graders around here have to collect different insect species for biology. Too bad there aren't so many good choices here in town!

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