The Battle Lines are drawn… Yet AGAIN.

There is a newspaper in St George Utah called the Spectrum. They recently rejected a wedding announcement. The announcement was of a Gay couple, now living in San Fransisco for a wedding that happened June 17, 2008.

Now that the paper has said no, GLADD is now going to start calling their advertisers and try to have them pull their ads from the news paper. Because they feel that the advertisers should support diversity.

We should all now send an email to the spectrum and let them know that we as NON GLADD supporters think that they did the right thing.

I also think that we should contact their advertisers and tell them that we also believe that they should stick with the Spectrum because they stand for Family Values.

I think a lot of people don’t understand why this is such a big deal. This is not about an announcement in the newspaper (one that happened OVER A YEAR AGO), it is about pushing the Gay and Lesbian agenda. It is not about letting people in their home town know that they are married. Anyone who is close to them already knows this. This is an attempt to force their wedding into the homes of all the subscribers of the Spectrum. They want to shock and push their agenda on the Spectrum readers. It is an attempt to take a conservative, traditional marriage friendly, news paper and force it either out of business (because of lack of advertisers), or force the parent company to change the local papers policies.

Do they really care if people see the announcement, or are they trying to force another conservative paper to its knees, and push the minorities agenda?


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