Know Your Constitution – Bruce R. McConkie

From an series of articles posted in The Deseret News, 19 March 1945 – 10 April 1945 by Bruce R. McConkie. During the previous 20 days, I have posted each of these articles. This is a list of the articles, with a link to their text on this blog.

  1. The Unknown Constitution
  2. The Convention Which Framed It
  3. The Men Who Made It
  4. The People Who Adopted It
  5. The People Rule
  6. Democracy Attempts Suicide
  7. These Inalienable Rights Belong To All Mankind
  8. Americans Have Their Rights
  9. You Have The Right To Work
  10. Shall It Be Jehovah Or Baal
  11. “Privilege Of Speech Is Granted”
  12. The People Create A Government of Laws
  13. America Chooses A Successor To George III
  14. ‘When The Wicked Rule The People Mourn’
  15. Thus Saith The Supreme Court: It Shall Not Stand
  16. The Congress Shall Have Power
  17. Bureaucracy Comes of Age
  18. Has Congress Failed Us?
  19. The People Change Their Government
  20. It Is A Rising Sun