Interesting Study

I have been reading up on the Constitution and Founding Fathers, for the last year or so, and found reference to a study. (Since I get accused of not going to the source, I found the source and purchased the book the study is in.) The study was done by Donald S. Lutz, and can be found in the book called “The Origins of American Constitutionalism”.

Here is the jest of the study. Lutz took all the documents he could find that were authored by the Founding Fathers. He then looked for all the instances they quoted someone. He found a total of 3,154 quotes. Anyone want to guess what was quoted the most?

During the time frame of 1760-1805, the Bible was quoted 34% of the time by the Founding Fathers. St. Paul is quoted more than any of the most-cited secular authors Montesquieu 8.3% and Blackstone 7.9%. The next frequently cited secular author was Locke with 2.9% of the citations. (Both Montesquieu, Blackstone and Locke were also religious people.)