The Blue States go marching down…

CNNMoney has put out a recent article that talks about the top 10 troubled states. You can view the article by going to CNN Money.
It lists the following states:
New Jersey
Rhode Island
Anyone notice a trend with these states? I see a big one. Lets hear it for the liberal agenda and the blue states. There is not a Red state on the list. There are a couple that are considered Purple states (See Wikipedia – Current Classification).

California (D + 14.414)

Illinois (D + 15.844)
Arizona (R + 4.990) (Ok, so it has some RED in it)
Nevada (D + 2.004)
New Jersey (D + 11.656)
Wisconsin (D + 5.838)
Florida (D + 0.320)
Rhode Island (D + 25.708)
Oregon (D + 7.798)
Michigan (D + 9.120)
Three cheers for Liberal – Progressive thinking. It looks like it is working really well for these states.
The article continues…..

“The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal research group, says the states need additional federal fiscal relief to avoid budget cuts that will hurt both the economy and people. State and local spending accounts for about one-eighth of the GDP.

Already, less than five months into fiscal 2010, several states are looking at additional budget cuts. Rhode Island announced Tuesday it is facing a revenue shortfall for the current fiscal year of $130.5 million. Gov. Donald Carcieri said the state must examine its aid to local governments, since it has already cut personnel and social service programs.”

And we think a Liberal backed health care policy will fix things? I think we may now start seeing move Red in the Election maps of the future, well at least I hope so.


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