Hero or Idol?

I would like to share with you two definitions.
The first one is for the word Hero.  If you take several definitions of the word, you can form the definition: “An illustrious warrior, admired for his achievements and noble qualities that shows great courage.”
Now, lets look at the word Idol.  If you do the same thing, and create a sentence from several definitions, you get: “A representation, symbol, or likeness of something, visible but without substance, that is an object of extreme devotion.”
It is only fair to note, that both definitions contain “an object of extreme (admiration) devotion”.  It would be interesting to see when Webster added the definition of idol under hero.
Which do you look up to?  Do you look up to Heroes, or Idols?   Do you look up to a Hero, that shows character (moral excellence and firmness), or an idol that is a false conception?
I think that our young people need more heroes instead of idols.  The world is generating a lot of shells for people to admire, but they lack character.  Society has gotten to the point that they no longer have heroes to look up to.  Instead of seeing people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, they are turning to-wards fake characters.  Characters from movies, and actors that put on an aire of high visibility, but lack any substance.
The world needs to look for heroes of character and valor (strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness).  We need to help the younger generations pick heroes instead of idols.
Now for the next question, are you personally becoming a hero or an idol to the next generation?  Are you trying to be a person with strength of mind and spirit?  Are you trying to be someone that will encounter danger with firmness and moral excellence?
Just something to think about…  The world needs more people who have morals and stand strong to those morals.  These are the type of people that need to replace the idols of today.  We need to become the heroes for the next generation to look up to, not the idols that have no substance and are unwilling to fight for moral excellence.