Firearm Legislation – Utah

There are currently several Firearm (GUN) legislative pieces in this state session of the legislature. 

The first one is SB0011 that is titled “Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act“.  In a nut shell, this acts purpose is to address the manufacture of firearms within the state for in-state use.   It setups up laws that make it so that any firearm or firearm related items manufactured in the state and are used in state are not subject to firearms laws and regulations imposed by the federal government.  So not everyone goes crazy, the bill does not include protection for weapons that require more than one person to use, greater than a 1-1/2 inch bore, or that is considered automatic, or use explosive projectiles.  I support this bill.  The federal government is ONLY suppose to regulate commerce between states, if the gun does not leave the borders of Utah, then the federal government should not be regulating it.

Here is a list of local gun manufactures: Browning Firearms, Christensen Arms, Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc, L.A.R. Manufacturing, North American Arms (I have toured their facility, it was pretty cool), Robinsons Armament Compnay, Vector Arms, and Wheeler-Topping, LLC.  So as you can see, there are quite a few choices to buying Utah.  So when you are looking for a gun, look for the “Made In Utah”, or “Made in UT” stamp on the gun.  If this Act passes, then those guns will not fall under Federal Regulations if kept in the state of Utah.

The second one, HB0078, “Weapons Revisions” modifies the Utah Criminal code on carrying, displaying, and using a dangerous weapon.  This bill revises what is considered Brandishing a Weapon.  It makes it legal to pull a weapon if an individual believes that the individual or another person is threatened with bodily harm.  It also provides a procedure for a peace officer to investigate an incident of justifiable use of force.  I support this bill.  I have heard people say that it will have people pulling guns all over the place and going John Wayne on everyone.  That is not the case, here is why.  People who have a concealed carry permit have it because they DON’T want people to know they are carrying a gun, that is why they call it a concealed carry permit.  It is LEGAL to open carry a gun in the state of Utah, it just has to be unloaded (requiring more than one action to fire, not including a mechanical safety).  But currently it is illegal to show a weapon unless you plan on using deadly force, so in other words, don’t pull it unless you shoot it.  This law will make it legal to pull the weapon if you feel someone is being threatened with bodily harm, not just serious injury and or death.  (There is a BIG difference).   It does not make it legal to just pull a gun out at any time, you still have to believe that there is a threat of bodily harm/injury to yourself or another.  If this criteria is not satisfied, then you are still brandishing a weapon.

A third one HB214 clarifies some of the laws regarding “Concealed Firearm Permit” and modifies some of its requirements.  This bill changes the name of the governing board, changes who issues the permits, clarifies rules for revoking a permit, and some other technical changes.

If you support any of these bills, please let your legislators know, you can find their contact information by visiting the

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