Week of LOVE – The start

This is the week of LOVE (said with my best low Barry White voice, say it again if you did not use the voice).  My wife is the best wife on the planet (that is why I married her).  For those of you that don’t follow here blog, she made last week an extra special week for her Man.  She started what she called “Loving That Man of Mine“.   During the process, she had several of her readers treat their Man with more love during the week.  I also got bratwurst during the week as well, also one of my favorites.  Last week was a prefect example of one of the many things that she does that makes me Love her.  Not only did she make my week extra special, but she also got others to follow her example and improve their Mans lives as well.  She does not see it always, but I think she inspires and helps the world be a better place by her blog posts, etc.  She keeps the negative, and politics out of her blog.  She has comment several times that is why I have a blog, and I think that at times she gives me ideas hoping that I will rant about it on my blog.  But not this week.

Back to the week of LOVE (once again, in Barry Whites voice, or the best I can do), I am a guy, and as a guy, I have a hard time opening my heart for the world to see.  But I am going to try to do just that this week, and in the process I will post something good about my wife.  I just hope that after all is said, that Momzoo sees that she is a very important part of my life, and that I rely on her daily.

Today, I want her to  know that I love her for who she is, not what she was.  Lots of times, she complains about the way she looks, and what having 5 kids did to her body.  This is an on-going joke that we both kid about with each other.  But those changes in her body represent everything that I love and hold dear in my life.  Because she is such a devout wife/mother, she does not have time to run miles a day, go to the gym for hours, or have time to work on what she thinks is a perfect body.  She has given me 5 very beautiful/handsome children.  Instead of thinking about what having a child would do to her personally, she put her self interests to the side, and did what most would say is the unpopular thing to do.  She had 5 children and would love to have 5 more.  Instead of doing what the WORLD would do and think about what having a child would do to her, she thinks about what she can give to the child and what the child can do for the WORLD.  In a talk by M. Russell Ballard, he says the following: “Far too many people view marriage as a “couples relationship,” designed to fulfill the emotional needs of adults rather than an institution for rearing children. Children are considered a choice rather than a blessing. About 1 million children per year experience parental divorce and its aftermath, and about one-third of all children in America are born out of wedlock. Almost every trend indicates that we are on a slippery slope downward from God’s plan for His children. The family, once universally hailed as the cornerstone of society, is losing its essential role.” [The Sacred Responsibilities of Parenthood Aug 19, 2003]  Aimee sees children as a blessing, something that society does not view as correct.

This is just one of the reasons that Aimee is my favorite.


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